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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Parking Charge Notice?

A Parking Charge Notice (PCNs) is the result of a parking infringement on private land or in a car park which is operated by private organisations on behalf of the landowner.

What if I was not the driver at the time the PCN was issued?

The majority of the unpaid PCNs that we pursue are issued in accordance with section 56 and schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012

I have received a letter addressed to someone that doesn’t live at my address?

If you have received a letter from us but you are not the person named on the letter then please complete our contact form.

Can I appeal this PCN?

The opportunity to appeal this charge was clearly stated on the original PCN and subsequent reminder letters that were sent from the parking company. Unfortunately, now that the outstanding PCN is at the debt recovery stage, the time to appeal has now passed and no further appeal can be made.

I have a disabled (blue) badge. Does this mean I am exempt from the Terms and Conditions?

No. When you received your blue badge you also received a handbook which sets out the terms and conditions of its use.

How have you obtained my data?

There are several ways in which parking companies can lawfully collect personal data in the recovery of an unpaid parking charge (PCN).

What if I don’t consent to you processing my personal data?

It may be worthwhile reading our privacy notice, which sets out our lawful basis for processing your personal data under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

How can I pay my PCN?

We have various ways in which you can make payment for your Parking Charge Notice.

Do you accept payment plans?

We understand that some people may not be in a position to make the payment straight away. With this in mind we have a team of trained advisors that are able to discuss your payment plan options with you.   If you wish to arrange a payment plan, please call 0208 234 6775.

What if I pay part of the Parking Charge Notice?

If you have only paid part of your Parking Charge Notice then it is important that arrangements are made for the remaining balance to be paid in order to prevent further action being taken against you.   Please contact one of our advisors on 0208 234 6775 to discuss payment.

I think I have already paid this PCN. What should I do?

If you think that you have already made payment for this Parking Charge Notice we can check this for you.

Are private parking charges legal?

The legitimacy and enforceability of private parking charges has been clearly established by the Supreme Court in ParkingEye vs Beavis [2015].

Will I be taken to court if I don't pay?

If you do not pay a parking charge, the parking company has the right to take court action against you for up to 6 years (5 years in Scotland).


What is a CCJ (County Court Judgement)?

A County Court Judgment (CCJ) is a type of court order in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland that might be registered against you if you fail to repay money you owe. It is legally binding and if you do not deal with it in some way, then you risk having your property or other assets legally seized.

What will happen if I am taken to court and lose the case?

If you are taken to court and it is ruled the parking charge was correctly issued, a County Court Judgment (CCJ) will be issued to you in England and Wales or a Decree in Scotland.

What action can be taken against me for failing to pay a CCJ or Decree?

If you still fail to settle the matter, a parking company has numerous enforcement options they can take against you.


Who are Debt Recovery Plus?

Debt Recovery Plus Limited (DRP) are the leading collector of unpaid parking charge notices in the UK. We work with and on behalf of parking management companies throughout the United Kingdom including Parking Eye, Euro Car Parks and UK Parking Control (UKPC).

Who are Debt Recovery Plus accredited by?

Debt Recovery Plus are accredited by and are members of the following two organisations; British Parking Association (BPA) International Parking Community (IPC)


Debt Recovery Plus aims to achieve the highest possible standards in all areas of our business, particularly when dealing with our customers and with those we contact regarding collections. There are of course times when things go wrong.

What is a complaint?

If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the service we provide, for whatever reason, this is a complaint and will be dealt with under this procedure.

Who does the complaint need to be addressed to?

Your complaint should be directed to our Complaints Manager and will always be investigated by an independent member of the team.


Taking good care of motorists is our priority, which is why we employ highly trained and experienced agents to act on behalf of our clients. All frontline staff are trained to recognise potentially vulnerable debtors. Our dedicated collections team can then help, by referring them onwards for support and advice.

Free Debt Advice

We are pleased to signpost anyone who is struggling with payment to organisations that can assist with free and impartial debt advice.