About Debt Recovery Plus Ltd



Debt Recovery Plus is the leading provider of debt recovery services for the private parking sector in the country. We are proud to be part of Bristow & Sutor, an enforcement agency specialising in debt recovery, which was set up in 1977.

We have the highest recovery rate in the industry.

Our business is based around people; we support parking operators with specialist teams, and we focus on training our professional collection agents to the highest standards.

With a firm but fair approach, we help educate and inform motorists that parking charges are legitimate. And we assist them in avoiding any further charges or unnecessary costly court proceedings.

Who We Work For

We recover money on behalf of private landowners and private parking companies across the UK. We don’t own the land, issue the tickets or deal with appeals.

But we do offer advice on how to pay your charge as quickly as possible to avoid potential further costs.

In Safe Hands

As authorised members of both the International Parking Community (IPC) and the British Parking Association (BPA), we work in line with their best practice guidelines when it comes to settling cases where people have failed to pay their parking charge notice.

We are regularly audited by the DVLA to ensure that the data we handle is treated correctly.