How have you obtained my data?

There are several ways in which parking companies can lawfully collect personal data in the recovery of an unpaid parking charge (PCN).

In most cases, the parking company has requested and been supplied with your personal data from the DVLA. You can read more about how and why the DVLA can lawfully share your personal data from this link.

Your personal data can also be obtained via the registered keeper of the vehicle who names the driver on the date of the parking contravention. It can also be by the driver appealing the charge within the prescribed timeframe or by a lease or hire company providing the hirer details.

When we are instructed to pursue an outstanding PCN by the parking company, we will write to the address obtained via the methods above. If we don’t receive a response, we will use the services of a tracing company to find your most up-to-date address and/or alternative contact details.