What action can be taken against me for failing to pay a CCJ or Decree?

If you still fail to settle the matter, a parking company has numerous enforcement options they can take against you:

County Court Bailiffs / High Court Enforcement Officers / Sheriff Officers (in Scotland)
Depending on the circumstances, these agents can be instructed to attend your property to seek payment of the CCJ/Decree.

Attachment of Earnings Orders
This instructs your employer to stop money from your wages to pay back your debt. Your employer will send the payments directly to the court and the court will send the money to the parking company.

Charging Orders
A charging order secures a debt you have against your property. This means if you sell or re-mortgage your home before the debt is cleared, the charging order will be paid off from the proceeds.

Third Party Debt Orders
This is a method of legally enforcing a CCJ by obtaining payment from a third party that owes money to you.