What is a Parking Charge Notice?

A Parking Charge Notice (PCNs) is the result of a parking infringement on private land or in a car park which is operated by private organisations on behalf of the landowner.

Any notice you will have received will be due to a contravention of the terms and conditions
of parking on a particular site.

PCNs can be issued for various reasons relating to a breach of the terms and conditions stipulated on the car park’s signage.

If you are unsure of why you have been given a PCN please refer to your letter and this will detail the reason for the contravention.

Some of these include:

  • Parking in a disabled bay without clearly displaying a valid permit.
  • Parking in a parent and child bay without a child.
  • Parking in a private area without a valid permit.
  • Failure to display a valid ticket.
  • Overstaying permitted hours.
  • Parking in an area restricted to customers and leaving the site.
  • Parking in a hatched area.
  • Parking on yellow lines.
  • Parking outside a bay or not parked correctly within the bay lines.

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