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Fine to park here?

Republished with permission from The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland - article written by Malcolm Combe The popular belief that private parking schemes are unenforceable in Scotland has been hit by two recent cases. The author surveys the current position, which may require legislative intervention As a discipline, law is full of [...]

CAS warning shoppers to beware when entering onto private land

Citizens Advice Bureau is warning drivers that it is legal for retailers to apply parking charges for using their car parks as more people wind up in court for refusing to pay. The organisation is concerned that people believe overstaying your welcome on private land cannot result in a fine as it is not issued by [...]

Young motorist unlawfully used disabled badge ‘in her dead nan’s honour

A young motorist caught parking with her dead grandmother's blue badge told investigators: "I'm using it in her honour." Emily Davis, 21, was stopped while using the disabled person's badge to park in her Mini One in St George's Square, Portsea, Hants. Quizzed by a Portsmouth City Council investigator she first claimed her grandmother was shopping [...]

Selfish motorist parks his Audi on a stranger’s driveway

Selfish motorist parks his Audi on a stranger's driveway... so she blocks him in for TWO HOURS to teach him a lesson Motorist parked his Audi on a stranger's driveway but she then blocked him in Journalist Hannah Crocker, 25, did so to teach driver a lesson but he got angry Ms Crocker's housemate filmed motorist [...]